Database projects

A Multi-national, Frequently-updated, and Accessible Database for Cemented Paste Backfill

maintained by Chongchong Qi and Qiusong Chen


Cemented paste backfill (CPB) is being increasing introduced into underground mining for its technical, environmental and economic benefits, such as safe disposal of mine tailings and improved recovery of ore deposit. Such advantages are heavily dependent on its mechanical properties. In practice, huge amount of lab experiments are required for each type of tailings before the CPB application, which are cumbersome and time-consuming. Also, we haven't make full use of the obtained experimental results. Recently, artificial intelligence (AI) techniques have been employed in the mechanical properties prediction of CPB, which shows that it is quite promising to predict mechnical properties of CPB using AI techniques. To facilate the application of AI techniques, a multinational, frequently-updated and accessible database is needed.

The objective of this database is to provide reliable mechanical measurement for CPB materials made from different tailings, cement and water. The authors believe with the increasing of database size, AI techniques will gradually reach its full potential during the CPB mechanical properties prediction. Moreover, AI prediction can help worldwide scholars in understanding the strength development of CPB. For example, it can determine the relative importance of influencing variables and suggest potential experimental studies.

The database will be progressively updated with freshly-reported experimental data. In each version of the database, the recommended citations are also tabulated. In cases where the mechanical properties of CPB are published, it is preferred that users refer to the archival journal article(s) rather than just citing this Web page. Furthermore, all dataset cannot be used for commercial purposes without a written permission from the authors. The authors call for an international cooperation about this database preparation for long-term development (contact Mr. Chongchong Qi through or for further information).

There are four versions of our cemented paste backfill database, and they are all accessible below:

Database of CPB unconfined compressive strength Version 1

Database of CPB unconfined compressive strength Version 1.1

Database of CPB mechanical properties Version 1